Compositions and Arrangements

Deborah Johnston is not only a performer and cello teacher, she’s also a gifted composer and arranger.  One of the unique qualities of the Cascade Cello Studio is the ample opportunity to perform cello ensemble music as well as more traditional forms of chamber music.  Deb has arranged a number of better known and lesser known musical works for cello trio, cello quartet and larger groups.  She is also known for her original compositions for cello, piano and other instruments.

We have begun the process of publication of some of these works, so that they can be made available to cellists and cello studios worldwide.  Please check back frequently for new musical compositions and arrangements.  For a limited time, sheet music on this site is available for download without charge. Click one of the links below to see the available offerings for different groups of players.

Cello and Piano

Two Cellos

Three Cellos

Four Cellos

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