Here’s where you can find cellos to rent or buy, where you can have them repaired, and where you can obtain accessories or sheet music.


These are some of the places – local, or in Portland, or nationwide, where you can rent or buy a cello.

Strings & Things (owner Chuck Hens) rents, sells and repairs instruments in Bend.  You can contact him by email at and his telephone number is 541-389-8111.

Joe of Just Joe's Music

Joe of Just Joe’s Music

Very handy to my teaching studio in Bend, Just Joe’s Music rents and sells cellos, as well as a limited supply of accessories.

Ed Geesman

Ed Geesman

Ed Geesman is my go-to person in Portland for instrument repairs and bow rehairs.  He is also a maker of fine instruments.  He’s shown here with one of his own cellos.

David Kerr’s shop has the best and largest supply of rental instruments in Oregon.  He also has many instruments for sale.  His shop provides excellent rehair and repair services.

For something REALLY DIFFERENT, check out Luis & Clark, a maker of professional-quality carbon fiber instruments.

Sheet Music

Here are some sources for sheet music:

Sheet Music Plus is an internet-only store with a huge inventory of sheet music.  They stock most of the materials I use for teaching.

Ovation Press is a publisher of new music for strings, including a selection of arrangements for cello ensembles.

The Petrucci online music library is a collection of just about any classical music written before about 1920.  You can download and print your own music from there.

And don’t forget the sheet music available right here on the Cascade Cello website.


These are some of the internet sources for strings, rosin, tuners and other accessories for your cello.

Shar Music is a long-time internet source for cello strings of all types, as swell as every sort of accessory.  They also stock sheet music and have a wide selection of instruments and bows for sale.  Their bricks-and-mortar store is located in Michigan.

Southwest Strings is an Arizona music store with a large internet presence.  They carry strings, accessories, sheet music, and instruments for sale or rental.

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