Students Say

Deb is a gifted teacher, who exhibits a deep commitment to her students. With good humor and a positive attitude, she motivates her students to work hard and reach high. She expects a commitment to work hard, but is not unrealistic in her expectations. Her professional background provides a rich context for her to draw upon, providing her students with helpful aids to practice, technique and general cello etiquette and expertise. She is very capable at zeroing in on exactly what is needed to improve a particular student’s performance, and able to offer the specific correction or suggestion.

— Dorothy Sayward Wylie

I began my study with Deb, having no prior musical education whatsoever. I could not read a note of music; I didn’t even know how to hold the cello. I have been going to her now for several months and I have to be honest, it was the best decision I have made in a long time. She sets out on journey with you and is determined to see you succeed. Right off the bat I had a very warm feeling from her, she carries herself in a way that really makes you comfortable. As a beginner I was very intimidated to even go and see her due to the fact that she has been a cellist for many years and can create such beautiful music, and I couldn’t even hold my cello without feeling like a fool, but Deb is very humble and knows what it takes to become a cellist and she is very patient with you. She is aware of the time and effort it takes and will work with you to ensure you receive the very most out of your experience with her.

— Alexander Hansen

I have had the honor and pleasure of being a Cello student of Deb Johnston for 3 years.  Being a retired music teacher with training in piano, guitar and voice, I decided to treat myself to learning the Cello.  I have had years of music lessons in different music venues. Deb is the best teacher I have ever had.

Deb is a superb Cello teacher who has the magic gift of teaching technical prowess and musicality. She challenges her students enough to obtain constant improvement. She offers multiple solutions to difficult musical passages and has a masterful knowledge of fingerings and bowing situations. Because she is a World Class Cellist, Deb has high expectations and a drive for excellence that is passed on to her students. Her insistence of interpreting the passion and feeling of the music makes every lesson rewarding.

— Ellen Logan

Put simply,  Deb is the best teacher I’ve ever had.  She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint a problem and then has the technical know-how to fix it.  I leave each lesson inspired.

— Betsy Hamlin

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