Sixth Anniversary of Cascade Cello

This month I celebrate the sixth anniversary of opening my cello studio in Bend, Oregon. Many of my students have gone on to celebrate musical successes, at college, in the professional world and in life. I’m proud of their achievements and pleased to have been a part of their musical growth.

With this sixth anniversary of my studio comes the realization that I have not increased my teaching fees in all that time, yet my own expenses have inevitably climbed. Thus it is with some regret that I announce that fees will be increasing, effective at the end of the summer (September 1, 2014). Lessons will be $55 per hour for regular weekly lessons. For lessons scheduled less frequently than weekly, the fee will be $65 per lesson. For children 11 and under, who wish to have 45 minute lessons, the fee will be $45 per lesson. It may also be possible to schedule group lessons (2-4 students) for children 11 and under.

In this very cold time of the year, I think about the winter and summer pleasures of the Bend area. The mountains are beautiful but icy, and I look forward to a time when I can once again set out to backpack among the trees, lakes and peaks of our beautiful corner of the Earth.

Bob Armer was instrumental in bringing me to Bend at the outset. I have been grateful for his support and guidance as I settled into the High Desert life and nurtured my Cascade Cello Studio. He was involved with coaching chamber music in which many of my students participated, and was part of my inspiration to compose new music and make new arrangements of compositions for cello ensembles. Most of you will know that Bob passed away on December 5, 2013. I will miss him.

I recently saw an article by Yo-Yo Ma about the role of arts and creativity in our lives. His thoughts mirror my own, and I commend the article to you.

Please join me in welcoming the coming spring, with the green growth and much needed tumbling cascades of water which we are all hoping will come soon, to replenish the water resources in these western states.

I encourage you to all practice hard and enjoy the pleasure which music will bring.

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