Ahha Lane

Created: Wednesday, 26 February 2014 14:17

On the lighter side …… . I am grateful and relieved that my two beloved feral (PC: “community”) cats, “Scherzo” and “Segue” (he arrived on my door step after Scherzo, the female) did triumphantly survive near entombment by ice during the recent snow storms. Like my cats, I can sense spring around the comer, deck chairs dusted and ready to go. (Too optimistic?)  The cats appear to be behaving a little “kittenish” and playing silly games reserved for safe weather and longer days.

I have fought a continual and Royal Duel with precocious raccoons who seem to think that the cat food outside is labelled “Food for cute little hungry raccoons.” To visualize all this, you need to understand that the raccoons seem to understand English and are entirely undaunted by being shouted at or targeted with a well-stocked, at-the-ready supply of small Central Oregon volcanic rocks. They must also carry wrist watches, they are so good at timing, and have preferences for certain types of food meant solely for my cats. 

As a consequence to the frequent, unwanted visits from these neighborhood raccoons (I am trying to nurture the cats and I cannot feed the entire wild life population of Tillicum Village), I am sometimes forced, like an under paid short order waitress in a crowded fast food place during peak mealtime, to “yo-yo” cat food in and out off my deck all evening, in between whatever else I am attempting to do. Although I do believe in taking regular breaks from work, this would not necessarily include juggling cat food dishes every 20 minutes or so!

As a consequence of my diligence, the cats seem to be healthy and are most certainly well fed. This pleases my animal welfare instincts greatly.

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