Summer Within Sight

Created: Wednesday, 26 February 2014 14:32

This summer is cheerfully anticipated. I have a recently acquired new truck bedecked with Deb Johnston custom shell, especially purchased for forays into and adventures in the wilderness and mountains!

Some folks will know that I had previously been driving a very old Toyota station wagon, courtesy of my father, over these last 6 years in Bend. The upgrade to “Truck Chick” is still a very exciting new experience. (Still working on the appropriate wardrobe style.)

The purchasing of this vehicle, my first ever vehicle purchase here in the U.S., was sheer, unadulterated purgatory (expletive deleted). And, unfortunately, I now believe and can attest to all the horror stories folks tell about car dealerships and car sales persons. When the deal was finally done and my truck arrived I definitely felt a miracle had occurred! Hallelujah!

The Master Plan: The night before my backpacking trips I will sleep comfortably in my extra high shell and get off to an early and relaxed start on the hike. This surely beats taking down a possibly rain drenched tent and struggling to re-pack it into my backpack before the start of my hike. One proviso: I will need to take extra care in campsites now that the bear-attracting food and I share the same residence at night.  I may resort to hanging my food in the tree (as when backpacking) while staying in campgrounds.

Driving this new vehicle has been much improved by Sirius XM radio. Since I can receive stations inside my garage where I park, I am frequently very reluctant to exit the car, sometimes nearing the climax of a favorite opera or cello piece senza advertisements!  I look forward to great music on a regular basis and especially in remote mountain places! I can also look forward to the odd S. F. Giant’s baseball game when away from home. (I did not mean to imply that Giants baseball is “odd,” although . . … ) OK. True confessions: I admit that since living back on the West Coast I have become totally hooked on my father’s favorite team. You should (or maybe, would not want to) hear our phone conversations during the regular baseball season!

To all cellists: Keep practicing the cello a lot and have a great time loving music!


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